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315-Representative elegance


Elegant Halfbrogue business shoe in polished leather.

The chic companion in black brown can be used with all suit colors and can easy become your favorite shoe due to the masculine, significant sole.

Also available in black. > No. 312

Step by step comfortable walking feeling thanks to 100% real leather.

Significant, masculine sole that emphasizes a solid personality.

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Representative elegance: this elegant Halfbrogue shoe of polished leather is distinguished by the discreet black brown fashionable note. This chic companion can be combined with all suit colors and can easy become the favorite shoe of every fashion-conscious gentleman due to the masculine, significant sole.

Do you often need to present yourself professional and stylish? Then you can underline your overall outfit with this top of the line shoe.
It is suitable for all your business.

The upper is high quality leather. The sole and inner lining are made of genuine leather and offer a good wearing comfort, even in summer (100% natural materials).

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