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354-City cool


This dark blue derby business shoe is a modern classic statement.
Elegant and simple in its form, thought with a trendy statement due
to the dark blue leather.

City cool combines ideally with gray and blue suits.

The high-quality leather makes this shoe,
pleasantly soft and provides its wearer high comfort and
a good foot climate.

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City cool is a dark blue derby business shoe that creates a stylish look.
The modern classic is characterized by its elegance and simplicity in its form,
but sets a cool statement with the dark blue leather.

Combine City cool with gray or blue suits and make this shoe a part of your work wear.
With these business shoes you will feel very comfortable.
The high quality leather makes the rest. 100% made of genuine leather, this shoe is pleasantly soft and gives the wearer the highest comfort level and a good foot climate.

This way even the walk to the office becomes a pleasure, ..

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