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Check the shoe size before the shoes go into the shopping cart

You have made your choice. A nice pair of business shoes of Shoes4Gentlemen or even several. To do this, you clicked on the correct shoe size and further to “Next”.

If you are not sure about the shoe size, you can find out exactly how to find out in the FAQ Frequently asked questions.

Of course, not all shoes are the same in terms of fit, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly:

Shipping cost calculator in the shopping cart

If the shoes are to be delivered within Germany, then you can ignore the shipping cost calculator as shipping is free.

If you come from another country, the shipping cost calculator calculates the shipping costs. Next to the shipping cost calculator for the shopping cart is the overview that shows the current price of the shopping cart.

Safe a discount with a coupon code

A little further down in the shopping cart, you can still redeem a coupon code, if available, and certainly look forward to a nice discount.