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323-Comfortable classic


Classic business shoe with special feature:
The partial perforation – looks good and feels good!

Comfortable business shoe in dark brown leather,
specially optimized for warm summer days.
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This makes this shoe, not only beautiful but also pleasant refreshing.

The brown, partially perforated leather and the significant sole with visible seam create a harmonious overall impression.

From the upper leather down to the sole – all is made of
high-quality leather, which support the wearing comfort additionally.

This comfortable classic shoe is easy to combine with gray and blue suits.

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Comfortable classic shoe for achievers who wear business suits in the summer too and want to match their clothing style with elegant and comfortable men’s shoes.

The pleasant extra plus to this elegant Captoe business shoe is its partial perforation. It makes the shoe pleasingly airy, comfortable and strong for any situation. Suitable for the office, on a trade fair, with customers as well as a business dinner in the evening.

Something so special and at the same time comfortable, is hard to find and is a real jewel. This shoe should be a “must have” and standard equipment for every business gentleman. It can be combined perfectly with almost any suit and ensures a strong impression. Also easy to combine with business casual outfits. No matter if chino pants or jeans.

The upper is made of high-quality leather and also the sole and inner lining are made of genuine leather which all contributes to the wearing comfort.

* Another plus: even suits with fashionable slim fit trousers lays

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