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Welcome to a club membership for extraordinary business shoes

The club benefits are various. Here is a detailed overview.

What does a club membership mean? 

Members are satisfied customers who know what they get from Shoes4Gentlemen / LadiesBusiness: tasteful, high-quality business women’s shoes and business men’s shoes combined with attractive prices.

As a member, you enjoy exclusive benefits when it comes to business shoes. Your club benefits at a glance. 

+ You benefit of 20% discount

+ You have first choice when new models appear

+ You can influence new designs

+ You benefit for every recommendation with 5% extra discount each

Become a member and benefit from club membership!




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20% discount 

You were satisfied with your first purchase and you may have seen other models that caught your interest?

You do not only buy new shoes because you know it is important to present yourself right, but because you personally value it. Looking good gives you a positive feeling. You have a good touch for fashion and know exactly what you want.

With 20% more purchasing value, you can use the club membership to your advantage, even on special offers.

You have the first choice

Shoes4Gentlemen is a business shoe label with a particular sense of special details and exclusive design. Each shoe model is only crafted in limited numbers typical of 12 pairs and each size can quickly be outsold.

Our members will always get the first choice from our quality selection of business shoes.

As a member, you will be informed about new models and you can reserve them upfront. So you are always sure that you will get the models you like, in your size.

You can influence future designs

With a club membership you can contribute your ideas to future designs if you like. Have you seen a shoe that you particularly like? What appealed to you? Which shape, which material or special finish convinced you?

Or maybe you have a favourite shoe that is not available anymore. Just send us a photo that we can use as inspiration or even manufacture for you in new designs.

You will be rewarded for recommendations

Satisfied customers recommend us to their network: colleagues, friends, etc. This saves marketing costs. On every recommendation of yours that leads to a purchase within 12 months, we would like to thank you – with additional purchase power of extra 5% on your next order.

How do I become a member?

You already bought one or more pairs at Shoes4Gentlemen? Perfect. Just send an email to . We’ll take care of the rest for you.

Club membership Business ladies boots

Can I change the status of membership?

Yes, you can withdraw your membership at anytime. Simply send us an email to . That is sufficient and we note the change.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions either you click on FAQ (frequently asked questions) or just send an email to . You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Can club purchasing power be combined with other discount campaigns?

Please understand that your shopping benefits from club membership cannot be combined with voucher or other discount campaigns due to the fair prices.

Start membership now

Club membership offers you the opportunity to expand your wardrobe with stylish and high-quality business shoes, while at the same time benefiting from an unbeatable price advantage.

Whether for important business appointments or formal occasions – with our exclusive offers you are always well prepared.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and become a member today. Save your benefits and enjoy first choice and a generous 20% discount on our entire selection of business shoes.

Don’t miss the chance to perfect your appearance and relieve yourself financially at the same time.

Become part of the club and experience first-class quality at unbeatable conditions!