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341-Premium Allrounder


Elegant business shoe in noble design made of polished leather.
Unique and exclusive.

This trendy colour is a mix of Bordeaux and Black tones
and can be combined with almost any suit.

Step by step comfortable walking feeling thanks to 100% real leather.

The masculine style is highlighted by the very distinctive sole.

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Premium Allrounder: Elegant Derby business shoe of smooth shining leather in a noble design. A unique and exclusive shoe, which is defined by the changing colour of Bordeaux and Black tones.
The perfect shoe, whenever you want to present stylish and special.

On the first glance you note that this is a shoe from the upper price range.

The significant sole leaves a very masculine impression in spite of the slim shoe shape.

The upper is high quality leather. The sole and inner lining is genuine leather which supports comfortable wearing, even in the summer (all 100% natural materials).

A perfect shoe for business suits. You will receive many compliments for this shoe

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