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226-Lightweight shoes


+ Lightweight with a bright outsole
+ bright suede for a summer look
+ elegant Budapest design
+ makes every appearance something special
+ also suitable as a barefoot shoe

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Lightweight shoes – as comfortable as sneakers
Lightweight shoes from Shoes4Gentlemen are just as casual as trainers or sneakers, but they are much more fashionable. In particular because these lightweight shoes are just as light as many sneakers, but much more elegant in terms of appearance.
Another plus is that your feet are surrounded by real leather inside and outside. On the one hand, this offers excellent wearing comfort and, on the other hand, a breathable footwell in which your feet feel comfortable even sockless.
Greetings from Budapest
The design of the shoes is based on a Budapest model. They have a defined cap and beautiful detailing. The chic lace-up shoes are made in Portugal in an exclusive beige supple suede and placed on light treaded soles.

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