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353-Casual elegant


Noble, navy blue suede cap toe shoe.
The dark wood-like sole edge provides a certain touch of robust elegance > Inspiration
The discreet details like the fine perforation make this shoe unique and provide unbelievable wearing comfort.
The full leather interior also ensures a pleasant foot climate.
Casual elegant is so versatile. Both with a gray or dark blue suit for your business appointments as well as on casual occasions with jeans. Stylish, comfortable and flexible – The perfect all-rounder.

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Casual elegant is just the right name for this navy blue shoe. It combines nonchalance with robust elegance.
On closer view, there are special details, which make this shoe unique. The high quality full-grain leather is discreetly perforated and makes the leather even softer and easier to adapt to the foot. The noble, antique brown sole supports the high-quality overall impression.
The beautiful perforated suede guarantees that this shoe has a particularly good foot climate and is extremely soft. The wearing comfort is unbeaten.
You can use this shoe on many occasions. For example, with a gray or dark blue suit for your business appointments or as a quite casual pair of shoes with jeans in your spare time.
A perfect all-rounder for the modern businessman who is on the road and who prefers a light luggage.

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